HUMAN Project Begins: Digital activism against racism with digital tools

Rinova has welcomed in Malaga partners from across Europe to kick-start the work on HUMAN: “Digital Hate Interrupter Activism to combat structural racism promoting inter-community cooperation through digital technologies”.

Coordinated by The Smile of the Child, in Greece, HUMAN elevates a concept developed by Rinova that addresses young people’s civic participation through the possibilities offered by Digital Technologies. HUMAN will be implemented by The Smile of the Child in Greece; RINOVA Malaga in Spain; Folkuniversitetet Uppsala in Sweden; Center for Social Innovation in Cyprus; Universidade Nova de Lisboa, and DYPALL Network in Portugal; ZRS Koper in Slovenia, MuLab in Italy; and the European Antibullying Network based in Belgium. At our first meeting we were also honoured with the participation of a delegation from the Municipality of Uppsala (SE).

During the course of two years, the consortium, in cooperation with Youth Panes for Diversity,  aims to contribute to the elimination of hate speech against diaspora communities, the fight against discrimination and intolerance, especially on the grounds of racial or national origin, colour and religion, as well as racism and xenophobia by focusing on activism actions using digital technologies.

HUMAN develops a series of activities in co-production with youth workers; youth; and local authorities, which include:

a) the development of a Manual for Digital Hate Interrupter Activism tackling hate speech, racism and intolerance against minority groups.
b) transnational mutual learning and knowledge exchange for promoters of social change through activism.
c) the implementation of country tailored learning activities for digital hate interrupter activism.
d) national and international awareness raising on digital hate interrupter activism to combat xenophobia and intolerance against minorities.

The HUMAN project has been co-financed by the EU CERV-2023-EQUAL programme. Its contents and materials are the sole responsibility of its authors. The European Commission cannot be held responsible for any use, which may be made of the information contained therein. (Funding ref. 101144478)