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About Us

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a learning and development company which specialises in cultural, social and economic innovation. Its overall mission is to foster inclusive learning, responsible entrepreneurship and promote employability skills and civic participation, with an emphasis on the exploitation and development of learning technologies to foster social inclusion.

Following the operation of its originating staff at the Polo Digital business incubator centre in Málaga since 2018, the organisation was registered in the form of a company as legal entity in 2021. Its specific competencies are focused on digital content development and creative learning technologies for inclusive learning in VET and adult education.

Our Team

Our Team

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Richard Parkes

Richard, the legal representative and Director, has been working in the field of lifelong learning for over 30 years. His practice has supported over 20,000 SMEs and start-ups and many thousands of learners. He studied Spanish Language and Culture at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and has a PhD in Entrepreneurship, a degree in Music and Education and Community Studies and a Masters (MRes) in Research and Evaluation methods. An Irish and UK citizen, he has worked internationally on over 250 learning and development programmes funded from a diverse range of EU sources.

Sofia Leitão

Sofia graduated in Sociology from Universidade do Porto, she holds a PhD in Media Studies and a Masters (MA) in Journalism Studies from the School of Journalism, Media & Culture at Cardiff University, specialising in childhood, media and cultural studies. She’s a Portuguese citizen currently living in Cyprus where she has worked for over a decade in the humanitarian sector on R&D and Project Management in the framework of EU funds for the enhancement of Human Rights and the Rights of the Child.

Gigi Guizzo

gigi guizzo holds a BA (Hons) in History of Art and an MA in Cultural Memory. She has over 10-years’ experience in designing and managing EU projects. This experience encompasses lifelong learning, social innovation, cultural rights, digital up-skilling, and social entrepreneurship. She has expertise in intercultural partnerships, communication and social media strategies, LGBTQI and gender equality, environmental justice, tackling cyber-discrimination, and applying an intersectional perspective. Gigi is based in Barcelona, but has lived in different countries, and is fluent in English, German, Spanish, Catalan, French and Italian.

David Garcia Gonzalez

David’s early career began as the originator of Artquimia, a Malaga-based training organisation specialised in sound design, engineering and music industry management. After spending 4 years in London as a trainer on creative industry apprenticeship programmes, he returned to Malaga in 2018 with Rinova, leading providing internationalisation advice and business coaching to technology-based start-ups in the Polo Digital incubator hub. During this time, he also developed online learning management systems for several Erasmus+ projects concerned with social innovation and creative learning technologies. David holds a BA in Visual Arts and is professionally qualified to EQF level 7 as a Creative Learning Expert.

Michele De Vito

Michele De Vito completed a European Funding & Project Management MA in 2016 while working as a VET tutor on ESF funded projects in Rome, after graduating in 2015 in Italy, with a focus on cultural business management. Before moving to Spain in 2020 he spent three years in London gaining experience of management and implementation on a number of Erasmus+, Interreg, REC and COSME projects working with a large number of partners across Europe. He also coordinated several outgoing and incoming placements on the Mobilitas Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme.

Sami Atif

Sami graduated in Film and Television Studies from Brunel University London in 2017. Since then he has worked in various roles, with experience in practical video and digital media production, as well as digital marketing, web-design/development, as well as compliance and finance roles. He has also previously worked on the Talent Match London project, an employability programme for young adults. Additionally, he has also worked on a variety of EU projects dealing with a variety of issues, including youth entrepreneurship, creative mentoring and VET.

Ana Huesa

Ana graduated in Social Education at the University of Burgos, in Spain. In 2011 she moved to the UK where she completed a Masters in Human Resources at Anglia Ruskin University, in Cambridge, and she worked in a residence for people with learning difficulties. In 2016 she started working as Manager where she gained experience in business strategies, team management and internal H&S audits. In 2020 she moved to Malaga to start participating in Erasmus+ projects and social innovation through the use of interactive technology.

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