The Story So Far

Rinova Málaga S.L. is a learning and development company which specialises in cultural, social and economic innovation. Its overall mission is to foster inclusive learning, responsible entrepreneurship and promote employability skills and civic participation, with an emphasis on the exploitation and development of learning technologies to foster social inclusion.

Following the operation of its originating staff at the Polo Digital business incubator centre in Málaga since 2018, the organisation was registered in the form of a company as legal entity in 2021. Its specific competencies are focused on digital content development and creative learning technologies for inclusive learning in VET and adult education.  Specifically, this includes:

  • digital content design and development of online learning management systems
  • curriculum development for e-learning, blended and flexible learning
  • pedagogical development, for learning professionals (tutors, trainers, teachers, mentors, coaches, job counsellors and brokers, work-based learning practitioners)
  • creative learning technologies and methodologies, incorporating gamification, e-mentoring and guidance, community of practice development, action learning
  • recognition and validation of skills learned in both formal and non-formal settings
  • intercultural competencies in mobility through learning and work
Before the formation of Rinova Málaga, the Rinova team was active on the ground at the Polo Digital centre. Here, David, Michele and Richard from Rinova are photographed at Polo with the Mayor of Málaga and close partners from Italy, Poland, Spain and Slovakia

Since 2018, the Rinova Málaga practice staff have been providing information, advice, guidance and business coaching for social innovators and young entrepreneurs in Málaga, most of whom are developing new services and products in the field of digital content. Some 30 start-ups, social enterprises, NGOs and educational ventures have been supported in this way over the last 3 years. The local services have focused on business planning, capacity building and internationalisation, in partnership with Promalaga (a company of the Ayuntamiento de Málaga which fosters entrepreneurial promotion, the creation of employment and talent attraction) and FYCMA (the Trade Fairs and Congress centre for Málaga).

The core staff team at Rinova Málaga have been active in the European and international dimension for many years, being affiliated to the Rinova company group and the international work of its staff. Through this affiliation, Rinova Málaga is associated to Metropolisnet, an EEIG concerned with inclusive urban development and the Association of European Job Brokerage Organisations as well as a wide network of European partners. The local team bring these international links to the benefit of its target groups for its services in Málaga and across Andalusia. Their work has contributed to the development of Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs and innovative international partnerships concerned with youth entrepreneurship, the development of soft skills and employability skills and non-formal and informal mentoring and professional development learning programmes, as well as the validation of professional practitioners in the fields of community economic development, information, advice and guidance, vocational training and adult education.